Tools & Info

Tools and information.

Our goal at Capital Family Mortgage is to provide you, our client, with unrivaled customer service.  Here you will find a variety of resources to assist you in making a decision about your home loan needs, including information on current interest rates, the various programs we offer, a convenient on-line application, and a calculator to help you get a feel what your monthly payments could be.


Life’s most important moments are shared with family and close friends.

That’s just as it should be. So when it comes to making the largest and most significant purchase of your life–that is, your home–you ought to trust the occasion to people who treat you like family. That’s why Capital Family Mortgage makes personal, caring service top priority in the way we do business. We attend to the details and decisions just as if we were handling our own family’s mortgage, to make sure you get the best loan for you, the best rates you can, and a smooth, comfortable, and friendly experience.

Not sure what you can afford, or how to do it?

Here’s what to expect when you seek to finance, with an overview of the process, plus quick answers to your home buying, budget and mortgage questions. Even get pre-approved now!

What to expect when refinancing.

We’ll go over your finances with you so you can learn what your options are for debt consolidation, lowering your monthly payment or cashing out equity for your immediate needs. We are here to help you get the refinancing details you should know.

Best loan options.

With Capital Family, you have a broad range of excellent lenders and loans to choose from. Learn more about the special programs and options we offer and we’ll help you make the best selection for your precise needs. There’s something here for you!